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Indexable inserts

ISO Indexable inserts for milling all common materials

General information

Available for wet and dry milling of steel, all cast materials as well as stainless steel and high temperature alloys and non-ferrous materials. Especially when milling aluminum ARNO's ALU geometry achieves best results.

Tools for thread milling with a comprehensive selection of associated indexable inserts, various coated and uncoated grades, complete the ARNO milling range.

  • Carbide grades (coated and uncoated)
  • Carbide grade with ALU chipbreaker
  • Ultra-hard materials (CBN, PCD)
  • HSS indexable inserts
  • Cermet indexable inserts
  • Thread milling inserts
ALU milling inserts

CBN/PCD inserts

Cermet milling inserts

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