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SE Groove Turning System


The SE groove turning system with ACS (ARNO Cooling System) optimizes the turning and groove turning operations. This system is an economical and efficient solution to radial grooving and parting off in widths from 2 - 6mm, depth capacity of either 12 or 21mm and maximum diameter up to 140mm. Beside the mono block holders available with coolant inlet either through the side, from the rear or from the bottom of the tool, ARNO now offers holder without through tool coolant. Inserts are available in 3 different geometries.

All holders with through tool cooant are equipped with the well-known ARNO-ACS cooling system®. This very effective coolant system ensures the coolant sprays under the swarf and thereby improves tool life considerably.


  • Effective and easy to use
  • Mechanical insert clamping with fixed stop
  • Accurate inserts positioning due to double prism location
  • Inserts will not be “pulled” out
  • Double sided inserts with application specific geometries ensures excellent economic benefits
  • An exceptional  and cost efficient solution for groove turning
  • NEW: Holder without through tool coolant




  • First choice for grooving and turning
  • Main application for steel and stainless steel
  • Strong cutting edge for maximum feed rates and cutting depths


  • Very good swarf control and formation
  • For steel and stainless steel
  • Universal geometry machining, for thin-walled components


  • Geometry with a sharp edge
  • First choice for aluminium and non-ferrous materials
  • Periphery ground insert
  • High positive design
  • Polished chip breakers
SE Groove Turning System

SE Groove Turning System

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