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SA - Parting off

General information

The cost effective solution for radial grooving as well as parting off up to 5.512" (140mm) in diameter. The monoblock holder "SA" is being used with the double sided inserts SA16, SA17, SA24, SA35 und SA40 in .059" (1.5mm), .079" (2mm), .118" (3mm), .157" (4mm), .197" (5mm), .236" (6mm), .315 " (8mm) und .394" (10mm) widths.

Get to know the special ARNO-ACS cooling system® for SA - parting off.The Special coolant System ensures the flow is directed under the swarf and thereby improves tool life considerably. Through a second coolant jet additional coolant gets right on the tool flank. 


  • Monoblock execution (robust, easy handling - only 1 spare part)
  • Holder with ACS for auto lathe machining
  • SA Modules
  • SA Blades and clamping blocks
  • ARNO-ACS cooling system®
  • Active insert clamping
  • Holder with insert locking from top and bottom
  • Exact insert positioning with fix stop (no pull out of the insert possible)
  • Double sided inserts
  • Ground aluminum geometry available
  • Cost effective and optimized parting off through designated geometries




  • Very soft cutting geometry with low cutting forces
  • For low to medium strength materials
  • Low build-up edge tendency
  • Suitable for thin walled components


  • Excellent swarf control and chip formation
  • For steel and stainless steel
  • Universal geometry
  • Suitable for thin walled components


  • Soft cutting geometry
  • Especially developed for stainless steel
  • Problem solver for steel machining


  • Geometry with small negative chamfer
  • For medium to high strength materials
  • Universal grade for steel (also for stainless steel and cast materials)
  • First choice where cutting conditions are solid


  • Geometry with a sharp edge
  • First choice for Aluminium and non-ferrous materials
  • Perophery ground insert
  • High positive design
  • Polished chip breakers



AM5040 PVD coated carbide grade
Fine grain carbide + TIALN
A tough but universal grade for low to medium cutting speeds. The main
application area is stainless steel.

AP5020 PVD coated carbide grade
Fine grain carbide + TIALN
A universal grade for low to medium cutting speed. Main application areas are steel and stainless steel, but also suitable for parting off high temperature alloys and non ferrous materials.

AP2220 CVD coated carbide grade
Fine grain carbide + multilayer coating
Grade with excellent combination of wear resistance and cutting edge stability. Main application area are alloyed steel and cast materials, under stable conditions also suitable for stainless steel at medium to high cutting speeds.

AP5030 PVD coated carbide grade
Fine grain carbide + TIALN
A universal grade mainly for steel applications. The slightly tougher substrate (ISO P30-P35) makes it also suitable for stainless steel.



Uncoated caride grade which in Connection with a ground cutting edge is for finishing and roughing of Aluminium alloys and non-ferrous materials. In order to reduce build up edge Problems the insert is also highly polished.



SA part-off holder

SA part-off module

SA part-off blade

Application video

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