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Flexible drilling system with replaceable carbide inserts

General information

Flexible system
one holder for different drill diameters

Robust and secure insert clamping
with TORX-Plus® screws

Optimized coolant through 
for all holders

Optimized run-out of swarf chambers
reduce drill overhang

Widened swarf chambers
for higher chip loads

Improved drill point design
for excellent centering hole quality

Strong shank design
for high axial forces

Quick and easy insert replacement
even in the machine

Easy identification
thanks to lasered spare part numbers on tool shank

Carbide drilling insert
Coated and un-coated
Ø 14 mm – 32 mm

Tool selection

Drilling depth 3 x D: ø 14 – 32 mm
Increments: 0.5 mm

Drilling depth 5 x D: ø 14 – 32 mm
Increments: 0.5 mm

Drilling depth 8 x D: ø 14 – 31.5 mm
Increments: 0.5 mm or 1.0 mm

- Universal geometry
- VA for stainless steel
- CI for cast iron
- S especially for the fabrication industry


Carbide coated

PVD coated carbide grade
First choice for steel drilling, also suitable for stainless steel.

PVD-Multilayer coating, fine grain carbide
Main application is machining steel. Also suitable for stainless steel and cast materials. Very universal grade with high temperature and oxygenation resistance. 

The hard substrate is especially suitable for cast materials also hard cast and unusual drill depths. The grade is very wear resistant as well as resistant to build up edge.  

The grade for drilling stainless steel, soft cutting and with good swarf control. The high toughness ensures low wear. Machines well at varied cutting depths and interrupted cutting.


Carbide uncoated

Fine grain carbide, uncoated
For machining aluminum and non-ferrous materials. Excellent as base grade for customer specific coating solutions.




Application video

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