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ARNO-ACS cooling system®

ARNO-ACS cooling system®

ACS Kühlung

Benefits of ARNO-ACS cooling system® ACS1

  • Controlled coolant stream
  • Best cooling and lubrication effect
  • Reduced build-up edge and cutting edge breakages
  • Controlled chip breaking
  • Better surface quality
  • Higher cutting speed and feed rates possible
  • Higher productivity

SE-Grooving System with ACS

  • Monoblockholder with through tool coolant for radial grooving applications
  • Optimized design for grooving, turning and copy turning
  • Groove width from 2-6 mm
  • Groove depth from 12 - 21 mm
  • Available in 3 geometries and 5 grades
  • Geometry M2 is especially designed for grooving, turning and copy turning
  • Cost efficient and optimum solution for reliable groove production using pressed inserts


SA-Grooving System with ACS

  • Monoblock holder
  • Holders for auto lathes
  • Modules
  • The cost effective solution for radial grooving as well as parting off up to 140 mm
  • Ddouble sided inserts from 16 – 40 mm long
  • Schneideinsätze von 16 – 40 mm Länge erhältlich
  • Groove width from 1.5 – 10.0 mm


For all systems, the coolant connections of the Monoblock holders are individually selectable.

ACS2 – 2 is better than 1

Benefits of ARNO-ACS cooling system® ACS2

  • Additional coolant jet targeting the insert flank from underneath
  • Coolant gets underneath the swarf and guarantees optimum cutting conditions
  • Even in the deepest grooves the cutting edge is kept cool
  • A loss of effectivity – as seen on other systems – is not a problem


Available for SA-modules and SA-blades.

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